Affordable rates for any of your production needs: songwriting, performance, tracking, editing, mixing, mastering!

No Boundaries Studios is me, Chris Piquette! I am a producer, singer, songwriter, touring and studio musician, and founder of the band Trophy Wives. I’m proud to have worked with over 200 artists in New England since I opened this studio in 2011 and am lucky to now call many of them friends!

Whether you are a band or a solo artist or any musician looking to capture your sound and make a great record, I will work with you to develop your songs to their fullest potential. I can help you get your best performances in the studio, improve each instrument’s parts, and help you write in new ideas to fill out the sound. I can also lend my own performance to your project and bring in any other needed musicians.

NBS features two very acoustically treated rooms: a crisp live room great for live drums and guitar/bass cabs, and a balanced control room with that allows for true mixing and isolated acoustic/vocal recording.

My goal is to provide you with an enjoyable and helpful recording experience and get to know you well enough to put myself in your musical shoes, and push ourselves to create the best product we can. If there’s anything I can do along the way to make you happier with your product, you can count on it being done.

Please get in touch to talk about pricing and scheduling!