Affordable rates for any of your production needs: songwriting, playing, tracking, editing, mixing, mastering!

No Boundaries Studios is me, Chris Piquette! I am a producer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist, drummer, and founder of the band Trophy Wives. I have produced over 1000 songs for over 200 artists since I opened this studio in 2011 and am lucky to now call many of them friends! I have experience working with industry professionals from producers to managers to agents, including studio time with John Feldmann, Zakk Cervini, and David Adam Monroe. I have had the opportunity to play with and gain knowledge from bands like Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, and The Devil Wears Prada. I also have plentiful insight to share in regards to growing your organic following, marketing your music, performing live, shopping your band, and touring. After all of this, some of the most helpful experiences I’ve had have still been thanks to the variety of talented people I’ve worked with here, from rock to pop to punk to metal to jazz to hip hop.

I am extremely passionate about the music that is created here. My role as a producer is to facilitate and translate your vision, while providing insight to bring out the most potential in your music. With each project, I do my best to come to understand your goals and work with you to create the strongest product we can. While I’d never make a creative decision without your approval, I do communicate all opportunities I see to make you a better recording. I will always push you to get your best performances in the studio and provide ways to make your goals more achievable.

I am open to working with you in a variety of ways to fit your needs. If you are a solo artist or a full band looking for a studio, let’s get at it. If you are in need of someone to write your songs with, or in need of musicians to perform on your recording, I can lend my performance to your project as a part of recording here, and I can also connect you with talented friends of mine to come in and help. While I love to be a part of a project from start to finish, I am available for partial recording needs, from drum tracks to just vocal recording, or for reamping, mixing, or mastering if you would like to send me your stems.

I have listed all of my gear for those interested. There are some top of the line items here from my Taylor K24CE acoustic to my vocal mic, a Manley Gold Reference. I have an SJC maple drum kit with Zildjian cymbals available for your use, but I am open to working with other kits and encourage bringing at least your snare drum and cymbals. Guitars and basses with fresh strings and solid intonation are available. If you plan to record with your instrument please consider a setup and/or new strings! I capture guitar and bass amplifiers through my 6×12/8×10 cabs with my Kemper Profiler, which allows me to shape them further for recording quality and capture them for later use. This means that the sounds I’ve captured from the amps I’ve listed are available for your use, and we can also make new profiles or record your raw amp. As far as DAW, I’ve been working in Pro Tools for 10 years and am very fluent. I’m always happy to talk about any gear concerns.

Please reach out to discuss pricing and availability. All sorts of consultation are free. If you are interested in visiting the studio, we can set that up, or have a phone call. I am able to accommodate for most scheduling/logistical needs. Hospitality is also available if you are traveling.